Adding Warmth and Functionality with Maple Wood Shelves: ORC Week 7

Adding Warmth and Functionality with Maple Wood Shelves: ORC Week 7

I am so excited to be participating in the One Room Challenge and transforming my daughter's nursery into a big girl room. As a small business owner who creates nursery name scripts and shelving, I wanted to incorporate my own products into the room design. I decided to use my maple wood shelves with leather straps as a functional storage solution while adding warmth to the space.


With the use of natural elements, I was able to create a cohesive look that was both stylish and comfortable. Along with the shelves, I added other decor items such as a soft rug, colourful bedding, and a whimsical wallpaper to complete the look. The combination of natural materials and playful decor helped create a fun and inviting space for my daughter.

It was so fulfilling to be able to showcase my own products in the room design. The nursery name scripts added a personalized touch to the room, and the maple wood shelves with leather straps were a functional and beautiful addition. Being able to incorporate my business into the room design was truly special. We also got to add in the perfect Flower Garland from Woolly Dreams Canada, a small business friend of mine that has been with me since the beginning. You can often find her mobiles and our name scripts paired in beautiful nurseries together!

Overall, the One Room Challenge week 7 was a success. I was able to transform my daughter's nursery into a beautiful big girl room while incorporating my own products and using natural materials to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Stay tuned for next week's FINALE, where each and every pieces come together! If you would like to see other transformations, visit the ORC blog here!

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