All Sales Are Final

All Sales are Final on Personalized Items

Every personalized piece we create is made custom and to order, therefor all sales are final. In some cases a cancellation request can be made by email to here but if we have already begun your order we may not be able to cancel, or fees will apply*.  

​We use solid hardwood to make our name scripts. Please note that every piece will vary in appearance. Solid hardwood products may have knots and other imperfections. We also can not control the grains of our pieces. Some have little variation and some pieces have a lot of variation. There will be no refunds due to wood grain, knots or other natural imperfections in the wood.

We created our own proprietary font and provide an alphabet for viewing on our listings. This is our set font and always created in lowercase. If you wish to view additional names not shown on our website, please see our instagram or request a proof at checkout. 

We use a high powered laser to cut plaques and cake toppers pieces. Some of our products will have laser burnt edges.

Due to these uncharted times, we can not guarantee turn around times and we will not be issuing refunds if we exceed the estimated turnaround time listed in the product descriptions. 

*If a cancellation is agreed upon by both parties, purchaser will incur the costs to process both the refund and the original transaction. The original posted charge will not be fully reimbursed.