Curving into Parenthood: Adding Arches to Your Nursery

Curving into Parenthood: Adding Arches to Your Nursery

As a new mom, decorating your baby's nursery can be an exciting and overwhelming task. One way to add a personal touch to the room is by using paint or wallpaper to create arches on the walls.


Painting arches on the nursery walls is a relatively simple process that can have a big impact. You'll need some basic painting supplies, such as paint, brushes, and a steady hand. Start by sketching out the shape of the arch you want to create, then use a pencil to lightly trace it onto the wall. Next, use a small paintbrush to fill in the arch with your chosen colour. If you're not confident in your freehand painting skills, you can use painter's tape to create a stencil for a more precise shape.


Wallpaper arches are another option for adding a unique touch to the nursery. These can be created using wallpaper panels or by cutting and pasting individual strips of wallpaper. To create an arch using wallpaper panels, simply measure and cut the panels to fit the shape of the arch, then apply them to the wall using wallpaper paste. If you're using individual strips of wallpaper, you'll need to measure and cut each strip to fit the arch, then paste them onto the wall one by one.


Both painted and wallpapered arches can be used to add a pop of color to the nursery, or to create a focal point for the room. You can choose bold and vibrant colors for a playful and energetic vibe, or opt for softer and more neutral tones for a calming atmosphere.


In addition to adding visual interest, arches can also serve a practical purpose in the nursery. For example, you can use an arch to frame a reading nook or a small play area. You can also use an arch to separate different areas of the room, such as the changing table and the crib.

Overall, painting or using wallpaper to create arches on the walls of a nursery is a fun and creative way to personalize the space and make it feel like home. Whether you go for a bold and colourful look or a more subtle and calming vibe, arches are a simple and effective way to add character to the room.


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