Write for Us! Interior Design Guest Post Opportunity

Passionate about crafting dreamy nurseries and imaginative spaces for big kids? Share your design expertise as a guest blogger with us!
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Write for us!

Nursery and Big Kid Space Designers, This is For You!

Our blog is rolling out the welcome mat for guest bloggers who share our love for nursery and big kid space design. If you can bring a unique perspective, creative ideas, and an ability to captivate with your words, we want you to be a guest writer for our blog!

  • Why Join Us?

    • Showcase your design flair to a global audience.
    • Feature your nursery or big kid space project.
    • Share valuable tips, tricks, and insights into the world of designing for the little ones.
    • In addition, by contributing, your site can earn a valuable and relevant backlink for your website.

Guest Post Guidelines

What Topics Can I Write About?

We accept articles about nursery design, big kid spaces or playrooms. Please make sure your content is 100% original, free from plagiarism, and full of valuable information.

It would be fantastic if you could highlight how our products are featured in your nursery or relate to your brand.

How Many Words Should My Guest Post Be?

Please use a minimum of 1000 words in your article.

How Many Links Can I Include?

We allow 1 link per post back to your website.

What is the recommended number of images to include?

Include at least 3 images with captions for your content. Don't worry if you don't have images; we'll add suitable ones.

Ensure the images are in JPG or PNG format. Provide the image along with the source link.

What is the key to crafting a compelling title?

Heading must be eye-catching and specific to the niche. Consider using a Number title, as they boost click-through rates by 36% (e.g. 3 Keys to Balancing Style and Functionality in Your Nursery)

Answer These Key Questions to Guide Your Guest Blog Post!

  1. What inspired you to delve into nursery design or creating spaces for big kids?
  2. Can you share a memorable experience or story related to a nursery or big kid space you've designed?
  3. How do you approach the balance between functionality and aesthetics when designing a nursery or big kid room?
  4. What key elements or features do you believe are essential for a well-designed nursery or big kid space?
  5. Are there specific color schemes or themes that you find work particularly well in nursery design or big kid spaces?
  6. How do you incorporate personalized touches into your designs to make the space unique for each child?
  7. Can you share any practical tips for maximizing storage in nurseries or big kid rooms without sacrificing style?
  8. What role do sustainable or eco-friendly design practices play in your approach to nursery or big kid space design?
  9. Are there any current trends or emerging styles that you find exciting in the realm of nursery or big kid space design?
  10. How do you adapt your designs to accommodate the evolving needs of a growing child in big kid spaces?
  • How To Submit A Guest Post:

    1. Feel free to share your article by sending it to us at hello@timberwooddesigns.ca. Make sure to include "Write For Us" in your email subject.
    2. Due to the high number of submissions, our response may take a little while, but rest assured, though, we value every submission and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!
    3. Upon acceptance, we'll take approximately 7 days to optimize and schedule the perfect time for publishing your post.
    4. Once your article is live, you'll receive a notification email along with backlinks for your records.

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