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Maple - Light and Airy

Colour: Light, Blonde

Description: Embrace the charm of simplicity with our Maple wood. Its light, airy colour adds a touch of innocence to your nursery decor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Maple, a solid hardwood choice, ensures your baby experiences the pure essence of natural wood.

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Hickory - Golden Beauty

Colour: Golden Brown (with streaks of Blonde)

Description: Infuse your nursery with the light to medium brown beauty of Hickory. The natural variations, including streaks of blonde, make each piece unique, adding warmth and character to your baby's space.

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Cherry - Timeless Elegance

Colour: Pinkish Brown Tone

Description: Achieve timeless elegance with our Cherry wood. The subtle pinkish tone in the brown wood exudes sophistication, creating a nursery that is both charming and refined.

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Walnut - Deep and Rich

Colour: Deep, Rich Brown

Description: Elevate your nursery with the deep, rich tones of Walnut. This classic wood type adds a sense of opulence, making a bold statement in any minimalist nursery.

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