Transforming My Daughter's Nursery into a Big Girl Space: Joining the One Room Challenge

Transforming My Daughter's Nursery into a Big Girl Space: Joining the One Room Challenge

Feeling all the feels today. I’m not going to lie, I’m sad but also excited. 

I had to dig up some of my most favourite memories from the moment I found out that I was having a girl, to designing and decorating her space and then watching her thrive in it. That letter wall taught her letters, sounds and how to sing the alphabet backwards.



But 6 years later, she asked for a new space and tbh I was shocked because I just love her room so much, but we decided to honour her wishes.

So we are excited to announce that we are joining the One Room Challenge! Like I said, this is such an emotional event for me. This was the first space I ever designed and now my daughter is growing out of it. She is growing up into an independent young lady who wants to make her own decisions based on her likes and dislikes. So stay tuned to see what we come up with!

Have you heard of the One Room Challenge? 

I am thrilled to be a participant in the One Room Challenge to transform my daughter's nursery design into a big girl space. This biannual event welcomes everyone with a blog or Instagram account to participate by registering for the event with the room or space they plan to transform.  

Links to original nursery items here! 

So let's start by taking a good look at her current space. I made a list of the things she wanted to change and set some goals for the room, such as:

1) Creating a more functional space for her toys

2) Incorporating my daughter's favourite colours and themes 

3) Adding a space to read or complete homework

Now that we have a clear vision for the room, it's time to start planning! We will create a mood board that will include all of the elements I want to incorporate into the space, including colours, fabrics, furniture, and decor items. I will use this mood board as a reference as I shop for new items and make design decisions. I am going to finalize and reveal the mood board next week, but I am really excited to show it off and mention all the amazing brands that will be in it!

As I make progress on the room, I will be documenting my journey through photos and videos. I'll sharing my progress each week and I'm excited to connect with others who are also transforming their spaces and to learn from their experiences. I'm sure I'll get a lot of inspiration for my own project. If you would like to see other transformations, visit their blog here!

I can't wait for you to see how it all turns out! 


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