From Dream to Reality: ORC Finale

From Dream to Reality: ORC Finale

Welcome to the grand reveal of our One Room Challenge! After an exciting eight-week journey, it's time to unveil the stunning final look of the space.

As parents, we often find ourselves in situations where we need to balance our preferences with those of our children. And when it comes to designing a space for your child, allowing them to have a say in the colour and theme of their room can be a rewarding experience. In this blog post, we'll take you through the journey of how I, a self-proclaimed "sad beige mom," worked through my own reservations and gave my son the freedom to choose his paint colour and design his dream room.

Step 1: The Paint Color Dilemma

Like many parents, I had a particular vision for my son's room. However, I realized the importance of allowing him to express himself through the colours he loves. After some soul-searching, I let go of my beige inclinations and let my son choose his own paint colour. And to my surprise, he opted for a vibrant shade of green...

Step 2: Lighting Matters

To complement our new paint choice, we decided to go with the exquisite Rattan Pendant light from Progress Lighting's Cordova Collection. This choice not only added a touch of sophistication but also worked beautifully with the overall theme of the room.

Step 3: Adding a Personal Touch with Wallpaper

My son's fascination with dinosaurs couldn't be ignored, so we decided to add a feature wall using Rocky Mountain Peel and Stick wallpaper in a dinosaur theme. This turned out to be a fantastic decision, as it instantly transformed the room into a prehistoric wonderland that my son absolutely adored.

Step 4: Coordinating Furniture and Shelves

We wanted to maintain a cohesive look, so we chose the Babyletto Palma furniture collection in walnut. The warm tones of the walnut matched perfectly with our walnut leather strap shelves, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in the room.

Step 5: Bringing It All Together with Decor

Decor is where the magic truly happens. We chose a few key pieces that completed the room:

Ruggable's Sarrah Rug: This rug added a sense of comfort and pulled the room together with its delightful pattern and colours.

Artiplanto Plant: To infuse a natural element into the space, we added a plant. However, it's just the look of nature as it is faux.

Lounger in Rust: We selected a rust-coloured lounger from Rylie Pea and Co that complemented the dark and moody feel of the room. It served as a cozy corner for my son to read or play.

Cuddle and Kind and Ava and Evey Handmade Plushies: Finally, to make the room feel even more like his own, we adorned it with some adorable plush toys. The Cuddle and Kind baby animals and Ava and Evey Handmade rainbow pillow added a cute and comforting touch.

In the end, it was a transformative experience to let go of my own design preferences and allow my son to express his creativity. The result was a room that he absolutely loves, and that's what truly matters. The room now stands as a testament to the power of letting your child's imagination and personality shine in their own space. As parents, our job is not just to raise our children but to empower them to make choices and express themselves. And by doing so, we create a space where they can truly be themselves and thrive!


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