The Village Collective

The Village Collective is a bespoke Canadian enterprise dedicated to revamping the outlook on the sustainability and eco-friendly sectors by assembling a collective of small businesses with a philanthropic mission.

Our business started with the idea of creating a space that can be THE nucleus of supporting small businesses, while making a social and/or an environmental impact. The Village Collective is on a mission to inform as many people as we can that one’s purchase decision can make an impact.

Our message is clear and simple: Shop small, shop local, and shop sustainably.

Some of the challenges we have and are facing on our journey to building and expanding our business include expanding our reach to beyond our ideal customer base, figuring out the best systems to improve productivity, performance, and efficiency of the ins and outs of the business, and learning how to make “The Village Co.” a household name.

The joys that we have discovered along our journey include: seeing the light in customers’ eyes when they walk into our storefront and find an item that they like and/or see the social/environmental benefit in, experiencing fun times of laughter, camaraderie, and successful collaboration between the key members of The Village Co., and knowing that we all get to wake up to another day knowing that what we are doing is making a difference.

What makes our brand special: We provide a safe and inclusive space, both online and offline, where people from all walks of life can buy sustainable goods and bespoke products and can learn more about how to make a philanthropic impact.

Our goals for the future: to grow our sales by 30%, increase website traffic by 40%, increase customer engagement by 25%, and reach 1000 loyal customers by January 2022, and 5000 loyal customers by June 2022.

Samantha Moffatt

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