Enamoured Calligraphy

Enamoured Calligraphy is powered by a “Mom Wife Nurse” who is absolutely smitten over anything calligraphy or script. E.C. was started over 7 years ago when I decided to dive into the Calligraphy world in hopes to bring elegance into my own wedding and that it did. I started with addressing our envelopes which then snowballed to customizing every little thing, and there ladies and gentlemen is where my love for calligraphy ignited and the need for an art nook in the house started. I have my parents to thank for penmanship practice growing up and for my late Father’s constant bragging on how “nice” my writing was. Back then, calligraphy or script was not a trending topic so it was quite difficult to navigate unfamiliar territory. For years, my means of art was utilized and supported mostly by friends and family which I’m forever grateful for, it wasn’t until E.C. was picked up by the Washington and National Post and the local newspaper that E.C. truly started to branch out. Since then, I have loved creating pieces and working 1:1 with my clients to bring their vision and wishes to reality. From 15 feet mirror seating charts to geode slice place cards to custom Christmas ornaments, the sky is the limit. My services have also braced the Mom markets of Hamilton.


What sets Enamoured Calligraphy apart from most is that all of my pieces are authentic; every stroke of the pen different from the last, every piece an original even when it comes to digital projects. My hopes is to continue to keep calligraphy and script alive in (modern) tradition especially in a world of the fast pace with my attempt to re-ink the nib.


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