Carte Di Gia

Hi! My name is Brittany and I am the face behind Carte Di Gia! In April of this year I was blessed with my incredible daughter Gianna. Both Gianna and my two bonus children are my passion and reason behind Carte Di Gia. 

In July my partner and I had picked Godparents for little Gianna, I searched high and low for the perfect proposal card and constantly came up empty handed. Either they didn’t exist or they were tacky and not our style. I ended up purchasing cardstock from a local print shop and create it myself with a calligraphy pen. 

Fast forward to a Sunday dinner at Nonno and Nonna’s house. We were celebrating Zio’s birthday when he had made a remark: ‘Uncle! They never call me Uncle! I’m Zio! I’m going to start writing Zio over Uncle on these birthday cards!’ 

Wait, what... OH MY GOSH! Eureka! 

I thought, why isn’t there easier access to unique title cards!? Why isn’t there someone out there making cards for all the Oma’s, Nonno’s, mémé’s and the Dedushkas! What about Godparent proposals, bridal party proposals and more! 

Why can’t it be me? Carte Di Gia was born and it translates to Cards by Gia - in Italian! 

I started to write out my ideas that night, I began drawing each idea on our family iPad. Developing fonts and photos to match. The following day I launched my Etsy shop and we’ve been taking off since then! 

Using what brain capacity I have left as a mother of a newborn, I created each and every idea and title I could think of. We know that one size definitely does not fit all, so we are here to create your vision, include your special title and make something truly uniquely yours! We can edit any version of a card you see on our Etsy, tailoring it to your need! 

The bones of Carte Di Gia is greeting cards but were always up to a challenge and stepping outside of our comfort zone. We would be happy to be your contact to discuss and develop a font, a logo, a gift certificate, thank you notes or even social media rebrands! 

We are proud to be featured on Timberwood Designs website and are also the face behind the font for Timberwoods stellar name signs! 

We would love your connection on Instagram & Etsy, we also look forward to creating something special for you in the future! Your business means the world to our family, all profits are directed into our children’s education TSFA. 


Brittany & Gianna

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