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Hi there! My name is Katie, I am the one woman show behind Ben & Lily’s! The creative design, the social media presence, the maker, shipper etc! I have an amazing husband, Justin, and three beautiful kids, Lily, Ben and Colton. Can you figure out how I got my business name?! Lol!

I’ve always had a love for creativity. I started my first small business in 2014 and finally found my true passion in Ben & Lily’s in 2019. I had just had our third child and thought ‘wow I really need some better clothes this time around’ I was tired of still wearing my maternity clothes even WEEKS after having a baby, like I did with my first two.

I had already been doing custom shirts for almost two years, but it was time I found my niche. And giving moms some fun, cozy, and great quality clothing was at the very top of my list, so I got brainstorming, and here we are over two years later!

Although there has been lots of good, that always pairs with challenges, it’s just the way it goes! Slow months, BUSY months (yes they are amazing but things get crazy!!) product testing. My #1 goal was to offer mom’s quality items that last. I’ll be honest way back in the beginning it was hard to find exactly the right products that made for reliable clothing but once I found it I’ve never looked back!

I pride myself on offering quality clothing for mamas (I also do customs for babies, toddlers, youth etc.), creating items that my customers love and feel confident in, and offering friendly customer service! My hope is that my love for this business shines through in the items I create and my social media presence.

Katie Levy

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