Among The Mighty

Among The Mighty is what has evolved from a previous business. As we naturally do, I had changed and grown, and as such my business did in order to better reflect our lifestyle, our values and interests.

We offer sustainable and practical clothing, made with eco-friendly fabrics that were thoughtfully picked, and are perfect for any adventure - from our light and airy bamboo and modal for the hot summer, to our soon to be released merino bamboo blend for those colder winter days.

It is very important to me that the apparel is comfortable and neutral, yet still expressive and fun. As a family who strongly values nature, our prints are heavily influenced by it (fun fact: not being able to find designs I wanted, I taught myself to make them!).

Even our name pays tribute to nature. “The Mighty” refers to the mighty oak and pine, which are in abundance in our area. As home/wild-schoolers, you can find us among the trees often.

All our items are handmade by me, in my home studio in Niagara Falls, ON. In an effort to promote slow fashion, and to keep waste and deadstock to a minimum, we only make items to order or in small batches. This means we are only bringing in what will be used. Any leftover cuts of fabric are used to create one of a kind items.

Besides apparel, I thoroughly enjoy creating nature-inspired educational games for my little explorers, and yours! I truly believe in learning through play, and have so much fun coming up with new activities for us to do.

Lyz Brown

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